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Sourcing and Procurement
Audit of Sourcing and Procurement Processes:
  • Preparation of detailed spend map by product category and location,
  • Benchmark of supplier selection and evaluation procedures (product, cost, payment terms, delivery terms, other),
  • Evaluation of the adopted sourcing policies (just-in-time, buy-to-stock, MRP, buy-to-order),
  • Analysis of communication procedures and systems in supply chain.

Optimizing of Sourcing and Procurement Processes:

  • Centralization / decentralization of sourcing and procurement function,
  • Optimization of sourcing and procurement processes (e-sourcing, outsourcing, direct purchases from countries with lower manufacturing cost such as China, Korea),
  • Creation of supplier relationship management system,
  • Improvement of communication procedures in supply chain.


  • Implementation of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators),
  • Contact with our consultants and further support after the project is finished.



In addition, CL Consulting i Logistyka Ltd. offers several training courses, tailored to iindividual client needs.


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