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About Us

CL Consulting i Logistyka Ltd. has been carrying out advisory support in the area of logistics and strategy for sixteen years. We also offer open and closed training courses as well as vocational courses. CL Consulting i Logistyka Ltd. implements European projects and assists our clients in preparing applications for funds from the European Union.

CL Consulting i Logistyka Ltd. is the founder of the International School of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw (MWSLiT). Together we organize post-graduate studies and research projects.


The company has been awarded various memberships and certificates: among others it is registered as a training institution, has been in Register of Entrepreneurs Undertaking Training Courses.

CL Consulting i Logistyka Ltd. also closely cooperates with the Printing House “Nasz Dom i Ogród – Flora” who is our strategic partner in providing advertising campaigns for us and our clients.

CL Consulting i Logistyka Ltd. first and foremost is built by people – a team of specialists, whose expertise, knowledge and capabilities let us turn ideas into projects and projects into long-lasting results.

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