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Audit of warehousing processes

  • Analysis of total operation costs in the warehouse,
  • Identification of the current occupancy of the warehouse,


A core result of audit is the report identifying the critical points in the process and indicating the direction of proposed changes (with an indication of the size of savings, possible changes in quality of service and ROI).


Optimization of store management processes

  • Optimization of storage location (a dynamic model designed to optimize storage location in terms of minimizing the cost of transport / time of delivery),
  • Optimization of storage strategy (choice of own storage or outsourced, finding the best storage offers for the specified criteria),
  • Optimization of the allocation of inventory in the warehouse,
  • Identification of future occupancy of the warehouse.

Advisory and Support

  • Creation of quantitative and qualitative KPIs to monitor warehousing processes,
  • Contact with our consultants and further support after the project is finished.

In addition, CL Consulting i Logistyka Ltd. offers several training courses, tailored to individual client needs.

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